Outrage work in progress was shared at Derby Theatre and Live Art Bistro in late 2016. More to come from this show in Autumn 2017.

Welcome to the age of Outrage. Your favourite internet-eries feed you with the tastiest righteous indignation every day, but what if you’re still not satisfied yet?

Uncanny are here to help; we’ll provide you with the most offensive content that money can buy that will have you taking to the streets – or at least posting a strongly worded response on a forum then signing an online petition. Rage absolutely guaranteed.

This is Uncanny’s funny, thought provoking, and occasionally disturbing response to a world where the ones who piss the most people off seem to be setting the agenda. What’s so great about having people be angry at you? Why do they do it? And why is it that I can’t stop talking about them? Expect to get angry, it’s what we all do best.

It seems like right now is a good time to take a look at outrage and controversy. We’re planning to work out how it is that we’re so easily sucked into these debates, how our ideological opponents use us to further their own agendas, and possibly find what it would take to start a moral panic of our own.

Outrage is our highly visual, interactive, performance response to a world where only the most offensive can succeed. In looking for the perfect way to piss people off we might finally work out if there truly is no such thing as bad publicity.