Together We Play at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Together We Play was a workshop designed for families visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, commissioned by Arts Council England.

The workshop was originally inspired by the Not Vital exhibition at YSP, Not (this is the artists first name, he is swiss) explained ‘One thing I was very scared of as a child was boredom’ and well, this gave us the perfect excuse to play.

The aim of the workshop was to produce fun, creative acts that resulted in a visual artwork. To simply celebrate the fun of doing, play and experimentation. Without worrying about doing things correctly. 

In the words of the great political artist Bob and Roberta Smith ‘Art makes children powerful’, which we whole heartedly agree with, however it turns out in our experience, art makes adults brilliantly hilarious too.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

“Second time at one of the Uncanny Theatre workshops, my son Oscar loved it. Art as fun is the only starting point. Thanks Natalie and Matt for your thoughtful, OTT fun workshops.” (Oscar’s Dad. Age, 40 something at a guess)